What is BankKeeping?

BankKeeping is a pioneering concept which enables you to outsource the critical aspects of Banking. In India, more businesses fail because of inability to handle debt than due to business reasons. BankKeeping is a powerful tool for business owners which will not only free them to focus on their business but also ensure that the financial costs, stiff terms do not cripple their business. It is a tech driven interface which acts as a bridge between the lenders & borrowers and thus ensures smooth banking relationships without having high-cost professionals on your rolls Most of the time, the difference between success & failure turns out to be good financial management. By involving ‘BankKeeping’ you can ensure that you do not compromise your borrowing capacity and end up mortgaging assets unnecessarily. Our assistance with negotiations at the preliminary / renewal stage will ensure that you do not succumb to the pressures and get the best of the terms from the sanction process. The outcome of ‘BankKeeping’, thus goes even beyond compliances and cost saving…. It can very well be the difference between surviving and thriving…

What all services shall be provided?

How much do we pay to avail services?

Who can be the User / Customer of BankKeeping?

Anyone who has Business Loan can avail our services. Even a 'first time borrower' who wish to avail business loan can do so. Contact us at sc@bankkeeping.com or on 91470 66105.

What if we are starting New Projects /Expanding our current Operations - can you get us Loans / Limits?

The same can be provided separately as a service. For more details on the same, you may directly contact our team at 91470 66105

What about Certification and Auditor’s costs?

You continue to pay that as in past. The team at BankKeeping shall work hard to get you competitive rates for such services.

How do I get in touch with someone from BankKeeping if I have doubts?

You can email us at sc@bankkeeping.com or call us at 91470 66105. If you are an existing customer, you already have access to your Relationship Manager.

Will BankKeeping manage my loan from only one bank or from multiple banks?

BankKeeping will handle all your loan accounts, but the pricing will differ according to the number of banks you have. Be it Sole / Multiple/ Consortium, we shall take care of all types of banking arrangement.

Who will be able to access the files that I have submitted to BankKeeping?

BankKeeping takes utmost care for the privacy and safety of our users’ data and we ensure that only You / Your authorized Employees shall have access to your data.

Can I get a free demo before I actually register?

How can I delete my BankKeeping account?

If you want to delete your BankKeeping account, kindly send an e-mail to sc@bankkeeping.com.

What happens if I fail to pay on time?

If you fail to pay on time, then your account will get deactivated temporarily till your dues are cleared.

What is the need for BankKeeping?

BankKeeping shall help the MSME owners to invest their time, energy and focus on their key business activities, instead of getting sucked up in banking compliance and management of their Loan Accounts. This task shall be done by banking experts with relatively higher degree of accuracy, within the prescribed timelines and at a very competitive cost.

What services are excluded?

BankKeeping’s Advisory is focused upon providing Strategic & Banking Compliances related matters only. For various types of day-to-day Banking operational matters, the client needs to do it by itself. Nevertheless, if any guidance needed, the same can also be provided.

Is there any Money Back Guarantee?

Yes! Within 1 month of starting our service, in case you don’t like it, we shall refund the entire money; no questions shall be asked.

Will BankKeeping help to get new loans / enhance existing credit limits?

Yes, definitely. As we ensure better Banking Compliance and Relationships, your existing Banker shall easily enhance your limits. Imagine enhanced limits, without even asking for it.  

Is BankKeeping costly?

We are sure that the savings generated by us, shall cover the entire cost you pay to us.

Does BankKeeping only cater to business houses?

The services of BankKeeping can be availed by any business entities – be it Company, Partnership Firms, or Sole Proprietorship businesses.

What are the details that one has to provide while registering with BankKeeping?

The following details/documents have to be provided to BankKeeping during initial registration:
·  Company Profile
·  Latest Annual Reports (PL, BS etc.)
·  Copy of existing Sanction Letters of various Banks / Financial Institutions
·  Present outstanding position of all loans - Bank wise, facility wise
·  Credit Rating Report(if any)
·  Bank statements (Latest3-6 months)
·  Copy of GST return(Latest 3-6 months)
·  Any other important information /document you would like to share

If I register to BankKeeping for my business, will it also handle my personal loans under the same Fee?

No, BankKeeping only handles business loans.

Will the pricing be the same if I have taken loans from multiple banks?

Is there a registration charge?

At the moment, there are no registration charges.

What are the payment methods available?

You may make payment by way of RTGS/NEFT/IMPS/Cheque. Our Bank Account details can be taken from Sales Co-ordinator - sc@bankkeeping.com or 91470 66105.

If I delete my BankKeeping account, will all of my data be deleted from BankKeeping’s servers?

Yes. All of your data will be deleted from BankKeeping’s servers – except those, which we mandatorily need to keep as required by law or regulatory authority.

Do you have flexible payment plans?

Yes, you can pay monthly, quarterly or annually.