Who are We?

We are challenging the Status Quo of how SMEs & Banks work together.

We exist to empower the SMEs vis a vis Banks. The idea is to be aware of what Banks want from SMEs, and enable them to deliver it in the best way possible. The approach is conciliatory and not confronting.

We support the SMEs for each of their loan accounts - from Compliance to Calculations. Empowering them with tools and services developed by Experts with vast Experiences. We service SMEs at every level to reduce their costs, helping them get more loans and being compliant at all times.

Why have we started?

Over the years, the founders have helped hundreds of SMEs raise funds. Our clients kept coming back to us - sometimes to raise more funds, but mostly for solutions to manage their loan accounts. We realized that this problem was widespread, and it was difficult for SMEs to understand what Banks really wanted from them, and vice versa. Herein, we started our journey to change the status quo. 36 months later - with a successful Proof of Concept and a Digital Solution to match the expectations of SMEs, we are here to share the product with you as well.

OUR MOTTO - Expertise | Trust | Efficiency

OUR MOTTO - Expertise | Trust | Efficiency

Meet our Leadership Team


Lalit Chetani

MBA (IIM Indore), Chartered Accountant | 18 years’ experience


Shekhar Kumar Jain

Chartered Accountant | 21 years’ experience